A Wordpress Plugin to Convert Nextgen Gallery to a Powerful eCards Sending Site

Mojdeh eCard Wordpress Plugin


Mojdeh is a Wordpress plugin that works on the most popular gallery plugin (Nextgen Gallery) and gives it the ability to work as a powerful greeting/invitation cards system. It comes with Card Backgrounds, Stamps, Watermark, background Music, Poem & quote, Schedule, Shortcode and many more features.

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Paid Memberships pro Video Tutorial

Whats New?

These are new features added to new version (v1.2) we put its docs here but you need to do these after final step of this documentation:

1- Guest Mode (requested)

By activating guest mode, visitors can send ecards without login or registration.
You can find this checkbox in WP admin -> Mojdeh -> Settings (firts tab).

2- WordPress Native (default) Gallery Support

Now you can also use WP Gallery for eCard system.
With the help of NextGEN Gallery that can import your WP Gallery to NextGEN. You don't need any add-on for this. The latest version of NextGEN has this feature.

3- Paid Memberships Pro (requested) + Paypal, Stripe, Aweber, Mailchimp, ...

We have integrated Mojdeh with this wonderful membership plugin.

1- You will see its installation message right after activating Mojdeh.

2- After install & Activating Paid Memberships pro go to "Memberships" menu in WP Admin side menu. You need to:
A. Create some Package (membership plans). You can set limit of time and the package price here.
B. Now go to second tab : "Pages" . The system can create needed pages for you. just click the link

3- Final step: after you created packages, go to WP Admin-> Mojdeh -> Settings . click the last tab : "PMP" . You can see packages (membership plans) you have created before. Here you can set Maximum eCards Number for each plan. remember that (-1) means unlimited. so

You can have 4 kind of packages:

1- limited to card numbers & time (example: 20 cards in 1 month)
2- limited to card numbers but unlimited in time (example: 20 cards for unlimited time)
3- unlimited card numbers but limited in time (example: unlimited cards for 1 week)
4- unlimited card numbers & unlimited time (an account for life without any limitation)
You can have as many plans you want in all these 4 kinds.

Payment Gateways & other PMP add-ons

We choosed Paid Membership Pro not just because its popularity but also because of its many Free & Premium add-ons including Gateways and newsletter integrations like Aweber & Mailchimp.

You can install & use any of PMP add-ons and they will work fine with Mojdeh.
Paid Memberships Pro Add-ons

New Video Tutorial

This is the only new video tutorial that we have added in new version. It shows you how to install, activate and configure "Paid Memberships Pro" and set card limits for membership plans.

PMP Video Tutorial

Quick Start

If you have Wordpress installed and want a quick installation you can install Mojdeh eCard just like any other Wordpress plugin. The process will be:

1. Go to your Wordpress site Admin page and login. (Normaly at YOUR-SITE/wp-admin)
2. In the admin side menu there is a button named "Plugins". After you role over it you can see its sub-menus. Click "Add New".
3. Click "Upload Plugin" in the top-left of the page.
4. At the center of new page click "Choose File" button. Then browse and find the mojdeh.zip file. It should be in your package that downloaded from CodeCanyon.
5. Click "Install Now" and wait until upload finished.
6. In the next page click "Activate Plugin".
7. If you haven't NextGEN Gallery plugin you will see a message at admin page that says you need to install NextGEN plugin. Click NextGEN link in message and in modal box that opens click install.
If you are not familiar with NextGEN, please check its documentations on their site (www.nextgen-gallery.com).

That's it. Mojdeh eCard plugin is now installed and ready to use. You just need to add your galleries to the system so the "Sned as eCard" button show under all images in those galleries.

Activating Galleries
Role over "Mojdeh" in your admin side menu. From sub-menus click "eCard Galleries". At the top-left of the next page select "Add Ability to send for all galleries" checkbox. (or add galleries one by one)

Now when you create/modify a page or post you can see a new purple icon in editor. click it and choose a gallery. Update the page. You should see a "send as eCard" button under all images in gallery. Or use the shortcode:

[nggallery id="1" template="mojdeh"]

Part 1


If you are not sure about requirements you can install a temporary plugin like Host PHP Info or Debug Info. You can also create a text file with test.php name an add this line to it:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Then save it and upload file to your host and open it in browser.

About WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) script in world. It's FREE and OPEN SOURCE and there are a very large number of plugins and themes available both free and premium for it. This greate CMS would be the base of the ecard website that we will setup in 3 steps. You can find more information about WordPress by visiting their official website:


Part 2


Please jump to step 2 if you have already installed Wordpress.
Please jump to step 3 if you have already installed Wordpress and Nextgen Gallery plugin.

Step 1. Install WordPress

There are a lot of tutorials about how to install WordPress. Please Choose one of these 3 popular tutorials:

WP101 : Tutorial , Screenshots, Video Tutorial
SiteGround : Tutorial , Screenshots
WPBeginner : Full Tutorial (several ways), Screenshots

Step 2. Install Mojdeh & Nextgen Gallery

Nextgen Gallery Plugin

Nextgen is the most popular image gallery plugin for wordpress. It has downloaded more than 11,000,000 times from WordPress site (40,000 new each week). It is also FREE and OPEN SOURCE but they offer a Pro version too. you can find full documentation, third-party add-ons, resources and many more at NextGEN official website:


There are a lot of third-party plugins that designed specially for NextGEN gallery plugin to improve it. You can search "nextgen" at WordPress.org official plugin page. There is also a list of theme here at NextGEN website:

The Complete List of NextGEN Gallery Extension Plugins

Install NextGEN Gallery

In your Admin panel side menu find "Plugins" and from its sub-menu items click "Add New".

In the next page input "nextgen" in the search field at top-right of the page and hit enter.

In the next page at the first result click the "Intall Now" button and then choose "ok.

After that installation finished successfully click "Activate plugin" at the next page. You should see a new green icon with "Gallery" lable in your admin side menu. Go over it and click "Add Galery / Images" from its sub-menu items. You can create new galleries and upload images here.

(If you had a problem with remote install you can download it frim link below and install it manualy by upload. Just like Mojdeh installation.)

Nextgen Gallery Homepage : Nextgen-Gallery.com
NextGEN Gallery at WordPress Plugins : WordPress.org NextGEN

To find more about NextGEN gallery please check its official documentations at:


Install Mojdeh

You can install Mojdeh like any other WordPress plugin:
- First go over "Plugins" at admin menu and click "Add New".

Install Nextgen Gallery Plugin

- In the next page click "Upload Plugin" at top of the page, then click "Choose File" and give it mojdeh.zip in your downloaded package. Then click "Install Now".
In the next page click "Activate Plugin".

install mojdeh eCard plugin

You should see 2 new icons in your admin menu:

First one is for admin and the second one is for user.

*** Notice: if you install Mojdeh before NextGEN gallery you will see a notification: ***
just click "NextGEN Gallery" text in the message to install it.

nextgen plugin needed

Congratulations. Installation completed.

Nextgen & Mojdeh eCard installed

Your eCard plugin is ready to use. You can proceed to next part to learn how to use it.


Part 3


Ok, lets go to the last part and learn how to use Mojdeh eCard. It's in just 2 simple steps:

1 : Select(Activate) Galleries
2 : Add them to page/post

Why 2 steps?
Because some webmasters don't want to use Mojdeh on all their galleries.

- First you have to choose which galleries you want to be active as eCard gallery to show "Send as eCard" button under their images.
- Go to : Admin menu -> Mojdeh -> eCard Galleries.
- Then click "Add New" at top.
- In the dialog box select gallery from drop down menu and click "Add".


You can also select the checkbox "Add Ability to send for all galleries" to activate all galleries. Remember you still need to add them to page/post to show "send as eCard" button under them.

second step

The plugin adds a new button to WordPress editor. Please use it to add any eCard gallery you want to any page or post.

(The editor should be in visual mode. please check the screenshot.)


You can use Mojdeh with shortcode but you still need to activate galleries first.

[nggallery id="1" template="mojdeh"]

That's it! Well done.



Mojdeh Settings

Lets see what the other 5 sub-menus of Mojdeh admin do.

- Overview : You can see cards statistics at this page.

- eCard galleries : We have talk about it before. It's for activating galleries.

- eCard Log : log of every eCard created.

- Sent Log : log of eCards sent from site.

- Users Pictures : All images that uploaded by users.

- Settings : Options and settings related to ecard plugin.



To modify options and settings of the plugin go over Mojdeh admin icon and select Settings (last sub-menu)

You should see 3 tabs on top of the settings page :

- General Tab:

you can see several fields in general tab:

Max Upload size : The maximum file size that users allow to upload.

Mail Server : There are 2 options for email server systems that you can choose:

The default value is "phpmail". It's simple but if you want plugin to work with SMTP server you just need to select SMTP and input your mail server details in the fiels:

Host :

mail.yourDomain.com (example)

Port :

25 (default)

Username :

admin@yourDomain.com (example)

Password :

email password

Email Subject : The subject of ecard emails.

Email Content : This is the content of ecard emails. You can use HTML codes including Advertisement/CPA codes. You also can use these tags as a variable in email subject and content.


Ok, Lets proceed to second tab:


You can modify default CSS styles of Mojdeh pages here. For example if you want you can add special border for stamp. You have to add this css codes (+ before & after codes) in #eCard-stamp code place.

How can I create a postage stamp border?

If you don't want to use css for stamps border you have to edit image files. To edit image and add stamp border in Photoshop you can use this file as source:

Download stamp sample file from source site

Mojdeh created with Bootstrap 3 framework. So you can use Bootstrap components.


At the third tab "Pieces" you can add/remove/modify eCard parts. There are 4 pieces that eCard emails can contain:


After upload of pieces files has finished you need to click on "File URL" in upload modal window then click "insert into post".
Check the screenshot:

- Backgrounds : A pattern or anything to use as cards page background.

- Stamps : They will show in the top-right corner of ecards page to be like a postage stamp.

- Musics : They can be any audio files (mostly music) that users can select as the card background sound. It has controls in ecards page and visitor can stop/play or change its volume.
You can suggest users to record their voice to use as the ecards background sound. We are working to add a recorder to the plugin in next version but for now they can use one of these online services to record their sound:


Or an audio recorder software:


- Poems / Quotes : Admin can add some poetry or famous quotes so user can select one to show at the bottom of the ecard page.

Upload button : You can use the green upload button to upload resources.


You can add new fonts to use for watermark text by users. You just need to upload new font file (with TTF extension) in Your-Site/wp-content/plugins/mojdeh/fonts/.
Please check google fonts for a big list of free fonts.


Mojdeh plugin is completely integrated with WPML (WordPress Multi Language) and included PO file that perfectly compatible to use as a Multi Language plugin. You can translate Mojdeh to any language by editing this files:


Enable Registeration

Since Mojdeh features are for registered users, you have to enable registration in admin pannel because it's disabled by WordPress default.
Go to Admin-> Settings-> General and check/enable "Anyone can register".

Social Login

Since users need to be logged in to use ecard services, a social login can be a greate option. We can write an independent social login for Mojdeh but the problem is that the most webmasters already have a social login plugin installed and our login could cause a bad conflict with them. So we decided to use WordPress core user functions and let the webmasters choose their own social login plugin.

We have tested a lot of free and premium social plugins and they work perfectly good with Mojdeh. So, there are many social plugins that you can use for login / commenting / sharing , etc

Some of them are really light weight and doesn't need much resources. Some are more heavy but much stronger. You can use just social login or choose some plugins with more functions like "Social Commenting" or "Social Sharing".

Go to Admin -> Plugins -> Add. In the search field input "social login" and hit enter.

Click "More Details" button so you can see more details about each. Remember to consider user rates and downloads count and full description. Then click "Install Now".
You can see a list of the best WordPress social plugins:

10 Best Social Login Or Sign-In Plugins For WordPress

Top 5 Best WordPress plugins to Enable Social Login (oAuth)

20 Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

Manual Button

If you have any problem with showing "Send as eCard" button on your site (using a custom NextGEN skin/template for example), then you have to add button manually. Remember you still have to activate galleries in admin otherwise button doesn't work fine. This is the HTML code that you have to add in template:

If you are using another/custom NextGEN template remember to replace your template name instead of "Mojdeh". Check the example:

[nggallery id="1" template="XXXXX"]
where "XXXXX" is your nextgen template name.


Mojdeh eCards Plugin developed and created by M. Asasi and released under the Envato Marketplace copyright policy. This plugin has to be abale to purchase only at CodeCanyon.net.

Check the LICENSE file attached to the package file you downloaded from Codecanyon.
All graphic files from FreePik.com


Developed by M. Asasi (asasi@asasi.net)

Special Thanks to:


Twitter Bootstrap
colpick Color Picker
Bootstrap Datepicker
php mailer
Simple PHP upload class
Images and Vector Graphics designed by FreePik.com, or downloaded through FreePik.com from their partners.(365psd.com for example)
You need to add FreePik.com link if you want to use their wonderful works. Or buy their premium license. Please check the license details at FreePik.com website.
This documentation made base on scrollNav.com .

http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/abstract-cyan-polygonal-background_760784.htm http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/arrow-labels-marketing-infography_716151.htm http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/free-airplane-banner-vector-art_713527.htm http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/paper-airplane-vector-design_714100.htm http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/happy-valentines-day-with-hearts_760587.htm http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/paper-airplanes-flying-seamless-pattern_757389.htm http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/responsive-web-design-electronic-devices_713865.htm